How to Easily Remove Dealership Stickers from Your Car

how to remove dealership stickers from your car

So you’ve just bought a new car, only to be dismayed when you take a look at the outside of the vehicle. Nearly every dealership places a sticker on the outside of your car to advertise where you bought this car. While this is a great way for them to gain advertising, if you are like most car buyers, you do not want to have this sticker on your car. But the question is, how can you remove the dealership sticker from your car? It may seem that these are industrial-stick stickers, however, with a few simple tools and about ten minutes, you can easily remove this sticker without damaging the paint on your new, or used, car. To remove the dealership sticker, you will need to gather several items: Goo-Gone (or any other Goo-Removal Product), Plastic Spatula, make sure you do not use a metal spatula, Tar Removal Spray, Warm Soapy Water, and a rag.

Once you have gathered all of these products, which are easily bought at most home and auto stores, you will want to wash the sticker and the surrounding areas with the warm soapy water. Dip your rag, or sponge, into the water and gently wash the sticker several times. This will soften the sticker and will also help prevent any type of residue from being left behind.

After you have done this, you will want to take your Tar Removal Spray and apply a liberal amount directly onto the sticker. Make sure that you apply this spray onto the outer edges of the sticker as well as directly in the center. Allow the spray to soak into your sticker for at least two minutes before moving onto the next step.

Once the spray has been settled into the sticker, you will then want to grab the edge of the sticker and begin to lift it slowly. After there is enough clearance for you to place your spatula under the sticker, slowly scrape off the sticker, using your hands to guide the spatula. This process may be quick, or slow, depending on the sticker your dealership used.

Your sticker should come off fairly easy; however, if you notice any sticker residue left over, you will want to take your Goo-Gone and scrub away the rest of the glue. However, if you not that that your sticker is not coming up easily and is tearing, then you will need to take a blow dryer, and apply heat directly onto the sticker for around three minutes. This will loosen the glue on the sticker, and it will come right off.

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